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Unveiling Elegance: Ray-Ban Authentic Essilor Special Edition

Ray-Ban Authentic Essilor Special Edition

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Created in 2018, we are a culmination of two very complementary and inspiring business stories, equally rich in their successes, which have revolutionized an entire industry time and again, changing the very nature of eyewear and how we care for our eyes.

The company brings together complementary expertise in the craftsmanship of iconic eyewear and in advanced lens technologies. United by its vision, values, entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create the best products for all consumers, the company is committed to creating innovative solutions to uniquely address the world’s evolving visual needs.

At EssilorLuxottica, our mission is to help people see more, be more and live life to its fullest. Our groundbreaking products correct, protect and frame the beauty of our most precious sensory organ, our eyes. By combining our expertise in lens technology and eyewear manufacturing, a portfolio of brands that consumers love and global distribution capabilities, we enable people everywhere to learn, work, express themselves and fulfil their potential.

Innovation is at the heart of EssilorLuxottica’s growth story. From product and design innovation to reimagining the consumer experience to establishing new business models, our teams constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible and question how we can better serve both our professional customers and our consumers.

That is why we created a new category of products: THE COMPLETE PAIR, empowering the most iconic frames with premium lens packages adapted to consumers’ visual needs at the very core.


By combining branded frames made to the highest standards and cutting edge lens technologies, eyeglasses transform from simple objects needed to improve eyesight into functional accessories that guarantee maximum comfort, allowing your customers to express their own personal style.

Glasses are among the most visible fashion accessories and reflect the wearer’s personality. From the moment the frame meets the face, a sense of authenticity, creativity, and trust that consumers appreciate emerges.

Thanks to Ray-Ban Authentic complete pairs, we offer the perfect combination of frames and lenses, designed together from the start, to create a unique, authentic experience.

Ray-Ban Authentic Essilor Special Edition is available for an advanced visual experience: a complementary offer that includes the very best of Essilor designs and technologies,

Discover Ray-Ban Authentic frames with premium Essilor lenses, designed together as a complete pair, providing the best possible combination of features and technologies.

The Ray-Ban Authentic Essilor Special Edition complete pairs are built with the foundation of Ray-Ban Authentic, strengthened by the technologies and know-how of the number 1 spectacle lens brand worldwide* to provide you with the most innovative lens designs, reworked exclusively for Ray-Ban.

* Euromonitor International Limited, Eyewear 2021 edition, Essilor International, Retail Value Sales RSP

essilor lenses with ray ban glasses

Story Of Essilor

The creation and development of the Essilor Group is the result of a unique human, industrial and commercial adventure that began in 1849, the year in which Essilor first produced a lens in the Quartier du Marais In Paris. Since then, Essilor has become the world leader in eyewear lenses, pursuing a critical mission: to improve life by improving sight.

The group’s history was built around foundations that still feed the culture of Essilor: innovation, partnership, international openness, entrepreneurial spirit, and human values. Over the years, Essilor has become the leader in innovation with the world’s largest research and development center for lenses, developed and patented revolutionary solutions for premium vision.

For consumers who want to wear superior quality glasses without compromise.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Story Of Ray-Ban

Our history began in aviation 80 years ago, when a new type of glasses was introduced to protect the pilots of the US Air Force, who were frequently suffering from headaches and dizzy spells from sun rays. Thanks to the shape of the lenses and their green color G-15, the new model eliminated reflections without obscuring the view and allowed pilots to fly without fear of light refractions.

In 1937, the sale of anti-reflective glasses was extended to the public. The original model, with the classic drop-shaped frame that the following year was released in metal combined with G-15 lenses, finds a name: Ray-Ban Aviator. The brand and one of the most iconic models ever made are created with unmistakable style and timeless design.

Constant research, pioneering technological innovations (such as soft mirrored lenses), and a unique style have made Ray-Ban the icon everyone knows and loves today.

The World of Sun RX

Decades of experience in manufacturing lenses have enabled us to perfect their adaptability to the most iconic Ray-Ban frame models. Every Essilor customer can now enjoy the best visual quality without giving up the Ray-Ban style they love. Color is a fundamental aspect of the Ray-Ban

look, that’s why we chose the most popular colors and made them available in a wide selection of graduated lenses. Each pair of glasses is tailor-made for the customer by Essilor, completed with the unmistakable Ray-Ban signature. For an authentic Ray-Ban style combined with the best Essilor technologies.

With 23 colors available in Sun RX, Ray-Ban Authentic Essilor Special Edition is a complete range of shades and treatments that adapt to the style and desires of all your customers.

Ray-Ban Authentic Essilor Special Edition lenses are compatible with a wide selection of the latest Ray-Ban Plano sunglasses frames in:



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