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Located in Oak Park Mall (lower level)

What Are Crizal Lenses?

 What Are Crizal Lenses? The Clearest Choice!

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Get ready for safer eyesight than ever before with Crizal Sapphire HR! Crizal Sapphire HR is an exciting game-changing innovation in scratch protection and safety. With superior scratch protection, durable daily wear, and smudge resistance, it’s one of the best anti-reflective coatings. We’ve paired it with our acclaimed Crizal EasyPro and Crizal Easy technology to protect your lenses from every angle. So whether you’re walking a trail, hiking down a mountain, or working from home, you can rest assured that your eyes are safe from glare, scratches, and dirt.

Crizal Lenses Warranty Guarantee: Comprehensive Protection

Crizal lenses give you the ultimate clarity and UV protection combo for your vision. With research derived from eyecare professionals, UV light specifications, and everyday use testing built into each pair of Crizal No-Glare lenses, you can trust the product for everything from UV protection to clearer visuals than what ordinary lenses have to offer. Plus, with a one-year warranty covering product failures such as scratching or crazing due to regular wear and tear, you can be confident that your vision will always be at its best.

Our Patients Love Crizal No-Glare Lenses

consumers would re-purchase Crizal lenses.
9/ 10
Reader's Choice most favorite AR brand
5 Years

Choosing The Right Crizal Lens For You

Crizal lenses core range offers the perfect combination of clarity and protection; pick up a pair, and you’ll benefit from blue light filtration, reliable UV protection, reduced glare from reflections, and superior smudge-proof and scratch-resistant features. With options like Crizal Sapphire, which provides blue-turquoise light filtration and the most optimal transparency for stunning clarity indoors or in sunlight; Crizal Rock’s best-in-class durability through its ultra scratch-resistant No-Glare lens; Crizal Easy Pro provides enhanced smudge resistance, strength and ease of cleaning; or the blue-light filtering power of Crizal Prevencia – there’s something for everyone who needs long-lasting vision protection. What more could you want?

crizal lenses core range

Finding the right eyeglass lenses can seem overwhelming regarding scratch protection and clearer vision. That’s why the best anti-reflective coating is essential for eye care and protection. By shielding eyes and lenses against reflections, smudging, scratches, and UV light damage, you get long-lasting protection that ensures clarity of vision and eye health. With this type of coating, you won’t need to worry about annoying glares causing eye strain or ruining your style whenever you go out in bright sunlight.

Plus, they are equipped with technology like High Resistance Technology™, which promises to be the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lens ever made, so you don’t have to worry about dust or water-repelling off your glasses. These lenses also filter out Harmful Blue Light from digital devices while allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light meant for brighter eyesight to pass through for an unbeatable combination of best-in-class visual assistance.

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